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With Our Apex Roof Cleaning Pros, You Won't Have To Worry About The Quality Of Service Or The Outcome Of The Results

Apex Roof CleaningThings have changed drastically in the methods used for roof cleaning. So if you are still working with a so-called pro relying on old fashioned power washing roof approach, it is time to locate a new service provider. There is a reason that companies now use soft wash cleaning techniques, at least the reputable ones do.

By making the wise choice to work with Elephant Roof & Exterior Cleaning Inc. for your roof cleaning service needs, you won't have to worry about the quality of service or the outcome of the results. Power washing the roof can tear away shingles, cause water pockets under the roofing that develop into mold and other related issues. However, the Zero Pressure Roof Cleaning system we utilize is a safer, gentler but still as effective alternative for optimal results.

Our Softwashing Techniques Is Safe For House Washing, Whereas Pressure Washing Can Damage Your Home

Recent studies indicate that you should never pressure wash your home, either, which is why we use a milder form of soft washing that relies on cleaning formulas and the gentle rinse to get the job done. But why is it that power washing is not good for your home's exterior?

Often used to remove loose paint, once the paint is gone that is direct contact with your wood surfaces. The end result is gouged wood and that leaves a permanent mark.

Water in your walls is one of the worst things that you have happen with your house, because it is the start of a long and serious problem. High pressure water can reach and effect flooring, wiring, insulation and more. Once trapped there, it is close to impossible to evaporate and means that the inside of your walls are at risk of developing mildew, mold and rot.

Expert Exterior Cleaning Service Provider in Apex, NC

At Elephant Roof & Exterior Cleaning Inc., we know the right amount of pressure to apply for your exterior cleaning service needs. There is no reason to take a gamble when it comes to the care invested into your exterior clean because you should be able to focus on other things, while living here in Apex.

Known for things like The Apex Jazz Festival and the steam engine, it's a great place to call home. So let's help keep the structure you call home, clean and in tiptop condition.

Map of Apex, NC

If you are looking for Apex Roof Cleaning services then please call (919) 207-0666 or complete ourĀ online request form.